“We were absolutely thrilled with the band!  Fantastic covers, brilliant atmosphere, judged it perfectly.  Can't tell you how pleased we were.  I'm also really surprised I danced pretty much through all of both sets - in 4-inch heels and that frock (my feet were killing me for 2 days afterwards but it was worth it).  I've already had 3 people ask for your details.

Clearly you've got universal appeal as my niece and nephew, and both Justin's grannies, also couldn't be dragged off the floor.  And they've only 2 decent hips between them!”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. Your band was absolutely fantastic, I've been getting great feedback from everyone, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. It goes to show as they were all on the dance floor.

You have a very talented group, and the singers were phenomenal.

Thank you once again and we would definitely like to have you guys at our other events in the future!”

“Simply incredible – After a while, you come to expect a certain standard type of band at these sorts of events playing the same old thing. Well, Under the Covers certainly changed my perception of what to expect and raised the bar. Put simply, they are the best function band I have ever seen. By far- my feet hurt!”